English Premier League Hit By Covid-19: 103 Cases In Past Week

The Premier League was hit by 103 Covid-19 cases between December 20 and 26. The sudden surge in the number of Covid-19 cases has created an air of concern among the teams and authorities.
It is reported that 103 Covid-19 cases were found among team members and staff over the past week.
On Monday, the Premier League made a statement, where they confirmed the news of 103 positive Covid-19 cases between December 20 and December 26. They also mentioned that 186 players and staff were tested for Covid-19 on December, 15. Out of the total numbers of tests administered, they found 103 tests to be positive.
The number of Covid-19 cases is once again on the rise. Previously, 90 players tested positive for Covid-19, which was during the period December 13 and December 19. The latest tests conducted revealed more than 103 cases.
The increasing number of cases have raised concerns among the EPL authorities about whether they should carry on with the matches or not.
The Premier League said that the safety of their players and staff is of utmost importance to them. They are doing everything that needs to be done to curb the impact of the new coronavirus variant, Omicron.
They also said that the League has adopted Emergency Measures. They are conducting more tests on both players and the staff members. Players are being tested twice a week. They have previously carried out lateral-flow testing two times in 7 days period.
Other than increasing the number of testing, the Premier League have also employed protocols for everyone to wear face masks at all times, limited treatment time, and mandatory social distancing.
According to reports, the Premier League will continue to work with clubs and take every step to keep people safe. They are putting in their best efforts to mitigate the risks of Covid-19 among their players and staff.
The League admitted that they want to be transparent about the number of infections occurring and that is why they are releasing the case numbers. However, they are not going to mention the names of the team members and staff who have tested positive or where the diagnosis had taken place.
On Sunday, the English Premier League announced the cancellation of the match between Wolverhampton and Arsenal on 28th December. The reason is injuries in the Wolves Squad as well as Covid-19 cases.
The fixture is the second that Wolves cancelled after the Boxing Day with Watford. This was also called off due to Covid-19.
On Sunday, the game between Aston Villa and Leeds United was also postponed by the Premier League.
So far, 15 Premier League games have been cancelled due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases. It is expected that more games in the future will be cancelled due to the same reason.
There’s a sharp rise in the Covid-19 cases in the United Kingdom. It was reported that 122,186 new cases have surfaced on this Friday. This is the new highest daily number based on government data.