Antonio Conte Says Harry Winks Will Stay At Tottenham But Not Sure About Tanguy Ndombele

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It is confirmed by Antonio Conte that Harry Winks will stay in Tottenham in January. He said that Harry is a reliable player.
However, the head coach gave contrasting answers when asked about Tanguy Ndombele’s future at the club.
While Ndombele has been there in just the last eight League’s games, Winks’ game-time has increased in the past weeks.
Conte mentioned that he will take all the steps to strengthen his team in January. But when asked about Ndombele, he simply answered that he is a midfielder.
When he was questioned further, Conte said that he has to pay the same attention to the entire team in every single season. He is not just bothered about 12 or 13 players, but the whole squad.
He also mentioned that some players are very well familiar with his ways, while others need more time. For some players, it could be difficult to comprehend his decisions.
On the prospect of Ndombele’s future at the club, he said that he should answer this question with his club so that the matter becomes clearer. He also added that it is not right to discuss or talk about a player whose future at the club is uncertain. He feels it’s not the right time to talk about it.
On the other hand, Conte was showering praises on Harry Winks. He spoke about how Winks is a reliable player. He made it clear that Winks will stay in the team in January. For now, he will not leave Tottenham.
Winks started three of the last six League matches after playing for 61 minutes in the opening 11 matches.
Conte said that Winksy proved himself to be a reliable player and he is here to stay. The coach also mentioned that he can count on him.
Conte also spoke about Hugo Lloris signing a new deal at the club. He spoke with confidence even though he is free to discuss things with other international clubs in January. Hugo’s current contract will expire during the end of this season.
Conte said that Hugo is a Tottenham player, rather he is the captain. He will surely find his way to talk with the club.
According to the coach, Hugo wants to stay. He loves Tottenham dearly. However, he could be wrong.
Conte also added that he is eagerly waiting for the club meeting to happen so that he can discuss the transfers of players next month.
Conte said that he wants to upgrade his team and he’s been certain about this for a long time. He will evaluate and select the players who he can count on.
He said that they need to improve their team before imagining a place in the UEFA Champions League. The competition is high out there. He needs to be patient and work hard to build a quality team.
Conte’s team will travel to Watford to get the best four push back after drawing against Southampton.

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